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ISLAND LODGE - A highly exclusive archipelago experience

Island Lodge is a unique, private and uninhabited island with a forest and beaches overlooking the beautiful Stockholm archipelago.

A concept designed to be in harmony with the surrounding environment, a mix of genuine ”hardship” but still benefiting from a luxurious and comfortable habitat. We offer a high quality, sustainable, all-inclusive concept with an outdoor tented accommodation - leaving ”green footprints” and memories for a lifetime.

You will experience the whole island exclusively as a private group or as a company. Unfortunately, we do not offer the possibility to rent tents only.

Island Lodge offers accommodation for up to 16 guests in our spacious high-tech Geodesic Dome tents, with the possibility to expand with additional extra bed options.

We are open during the summer season between May and mid-October.


8 spacious high-tech Geodesic Dome tents located on selected premium spots on the island with breathtaking views over the archipelago.
The tents are spacious and equipped with high comfort twin beds and bedding dressed with the finest and luxury linen from Mille Notti.

Each tent is heated by a rustic and cosy wood fire stove and candles will light up the tent after sunset.


- Size: 18 m2
- Twin beds (Mille Notti)
- Beddings and linens (Mille Notti)
- Large removable bay window
- Roll up door including mosquito net
- Flame retardant tent fabrics
- Wood fire stove
- Scandinavian lounge furnishings
- Close to the tents there are showers and wash-basins with warm     and cold water - WCs
- Shower towels
- Soap, shampoo and conditioner



For an outstanding glamping and

eco-experience in Sweden, look no

further than the Island Lodge.

Combining rugged landscapes and

chic Scandinavian design, this is a

true experience unlike any other.

Perfect for a private group or

corporate events, the Island Lodge

provides a tranquil environment with

lots of adventures.


ISLAND LODGE has unique facilities such as real comfortable beds, running cold/warm water, WCs and more.
Enjoy the private island and its nature with a relaxing walk in the forest for blueberry and mushroom picking. 

Use our SUPs and Kayaks to explore and paddle around the island to experience it from the sea. You may also want to challenge your company with any of our outdoor social games. Of course, we also offer plenty of optional activities to further improve an unforgettable experience. 


Private Island

- 8 spacious high-tech Geodesic Dome tents - Private beaches
- Seafront dining tent
- Outdoor open fireplace

- SUPs and kayaks
- Outdoor social games
- A large tent for socialising, meetings, etc. (up to 30 guests for mingle) - Indoor venue in a former rock shelter with meeting facilities

including Wi-Fi and lounge furnitures (up to 50 guests) - Helicopter platform



The Island Lodge “Bergholmen” is located in the very heart of the Stockholm Archipelago, just 40 minutes from Stockholm City. The unique and spectacular archipelago consists of more than 24,000 islands, islets and skerries, of which only about a thousand are inhabited.

We organize private transfer to and from the island, using our RIB speed boats, taxi boat, helicopter or yachts.



We are proud to offer an extraordinary gastronomic experience at Island Lodge.
Each menu and cuisine will be tailor made to suit any occasion, such as breakfast, lunch, dinner, fika, snacks, etc. We use seasonal and locally organic produced ingredients in our dishes and thoroughly select the beverage to perfectly suit the flavors of the menu that is served.

With a first class view of the sea under the canvas, the menu will be prepared and presented by our star chef Douglas Fagerman.

Douglas track record is impressive, with a World Championship Gold together with the Stockholm Culinary Team in 2014, and Olympic gold with the Junior chef national team in 2016.
He has worked for numerous gastronomic restaurants in Sweden and is now the owner of the recently opened restaurants Aristo and Cuculo in Stockholm.

The food and beverage from the menu need to be pre-ordered and confirmed in advance. Bon Apetit!




RIB Seed Boat Tour 

(1-12 persons)

Take a tour around the Stockholm archipelago in one of our high speed RIB boats.

Helicopter Ride

(1-4 persons)

Experience the wonderful archipelago from above. Optionally, you may want to fly over the beautiful capital of Sweden - Stockholm.


Seal and Eagle Safari with RIB Speed Boat (1-12 persons)

Take a 3-4 hour guided RIB speed boat tour together with our partner SeaSafari. You will experience the outer part of the archipelago where you most likely will spot seals and sea eagles on your trip.


Fishing Boat with Guide

(1-12 persons)

Go for a full or half day fishing trip with an experienced guide, who will provide with necessary gears.


Wood Fire Hot Tub

(1-10 persons)

Enjoy our cosy wood fire hot tub, strategically located at the cliffs by the sea. An unforgettable and relaxing experience overviewing stunning sunsets.
(Included in the all inclusive package)



(1-12 persons)

Sailing with a top class 50 foot sailing yacht is a spectacular and convenient way to explore the archipelago during your visit. An experienced skipper will provide you with all the gears needed.



Try your skills at our local shooting range. Our experienced instructor will help you to handle small handguns and semi automatic carbine.


Floating Sauna

(1-14 persons)

On our floating sauna you can enjoy sea baths, sauna and a whole new way to experience the archipelago.
(Included in the all inclusive package)